10 Fall Inspired Montessori Activities

These Fall Inspired Montessori Activities Start the Season Off Right

The sweltering sun is slowly giving way to cooler temps and a new season.  Fall is a favorite for many, due to the amazing sights and smells that we encounter during this time of year.  In honor of the upcoming season, we’ve compiled a list of fun ways to enjoy a Montessori-inspired fall with your child.

1. Make homemade applesauce

Hand over the apple peeler and let your little helper make delicious and simple homemade applesauce.  Cooking is the perfect way to introduce life skills into your homeschool.

Have your little one grab an educational book and enjoy a read-aloud while waiting for your applesauce to cook. The delicious smells are sure to drive you crazy and your kiddos will be so proud of their new found kitchen skills.

Corn decorating for homeschoolers

2. Corn Printing

Use an ear of corn to create a fun piece of art.  Simply roll the corn through some acrylic paint and transfer it to your paper to create one-of-a-kind Montessori artwork.  Grasping the paintbrush and rolling the corn are great fine motor skills, not to mention you’ll end up with a new masterpiece to hang on the walls of your homeschool.

3. Build a Scarecrow

Using old jeans or overalls, create your own Montessori-style scarecrow from items just lying around the house.

Paired with an old shirt, some recycled grocery bags as stuffing, and a worn out pair of boots, this project will provide all day fun.  You could even try re-creating your own family as scarecrows.  Your kids will enjoy seeing their creations emerge from storage every fall, for years to come!

4. Nature Art

Using nature as your art supplies, come up with your own creative masterpiece.  Include feathers, sticks, rocks, leaves or grass.  For added fun, throw in acorns, pine cones, dirt, shells, berries or anything else you find outdoors.

Go for a nature walk and you’ll be amazed at the natural art supplies you have just beyond your homeschool doors. For even more fun, try creating an autumn scene, with acorns as pumpkins, leaf and stick scarecrows and grass shaped into birds.  This is a great way to incorporate nature into your homeschool lesson plans this year.

Apples for Fall Montessori Inspired Activities

5. Compare apples to apples

Visit your local grocer and pick up as many different varieties of apples as possible.  Gather your family and friends and hold an apple tasting.  Slice each apple and give everyone a sample.  Each person gets to rate the apple (1 being not that great, 10 being their favorite.)

Be sure to keep track of everyone’s favorite with tally marks so you know which apple is the favorite amongst your family and friends.  You could even try picking apples from your local orchard to see where they rate next to store-bought apples.

6. Dissect a pumpkin

You know the cold, slimy texture you find when you stick your hand inside of a pumpkin?  Of course you do! But have your kids experienced squishing the pulp, pulling the “pumpkin brains” or smelling the distinct scent of a fresh pumpkin?  The smells and textures of a pumpkin are sure to awaken all of your senses and create hours of fun exploring.

7. Roast Pumpkin Seeds:

Your hands are already a slimy, goopy mess, so you might as well indulge in snack while you clean up.  Roasted pumpkin seeds are a cinch to make and a healthy treat the whole family will enjoy!  Simply spread the seeds on a baking sheet to dry, then throw them in the oven for 20 minutes.  Remove, toss in oil and the seasonings of your choice and bake for an additional 20 minutes until crispy.   A fun Montessori-inspired activity that leads to a delicious and nutritious snack.

8. Pumpkin Activities

There are tons of activities just waiting for you inside of a pumpkin.  From counting and sorting the seeds, to painting the skin, you won’t have a problem finding something fun to do with your pumpkin.

Need more ideas?

Draw and label each part of the pumpkin, measure the height and width of the pumpkin and stem, add a fun design by poking holes into the pumpkin using a hammer and nail, or simply make a silly jack-o-lantern. There are enough activities to include pumpkin fun in all parts of your lesson plans. Who needs toys when you can play with a pumpkin, Montessori-style!

Leaf Collecting Montessori

9. Leaf Sorting

Gather leaves from your homeschool yard and sort them by size, from biggest to smallest.  This activity is also fun with rocks, twigs, feathers and other Montessori materials.  Think of other ways things can be sorted, such as by color or shape.   Not only is this good for your homeschooler’s visual skills, it also helps with fine motor skills, as well as problem solving.

10. Build a fire

Fire building requires many skills.  Allow your child to work beside you building a fire.  Begin by gathering dry leaves and sticks.  Demonstrate how to arrange them, to create a good fire. Using matches or a lighter, add fire.

Show your homeschooler how to gently blow on the fire, and explain that oxygen feeds the fire.  This is also a a great time to talk about fire safety.  Enjoy an evening around a campfire, eating s’mores and sipping on hot cocoa.  Curl up in a blanket with a good Montessori-inspired book and you have the perfect evening with family!

By using the beauty that nature provides during this season, your child will have a blast with these 10 Montessori inspired activities.

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