Homeschool Rooms – Inspiring Decorating and Organizing Ideas

All great homeschool rooms have one thing in common: Beautiful and functional homeschool decor that inspires learning. Whatever method you are using to homeschool (Montessori, Charlotte Mason, Waldorf or your own method), chances are you already know the value of a beautiful classroom at home. But, like many of us, you might be struggling with […]

10 Best Homeschool Books For Every Age

If you are dealing with unexpected school closures you might be looking for new resources to entertain your kids. These 10 best homeschool books are here to help. From excellent “stop the slide” workbooks to keep your little ones occupied to a book that helps kids deal with frustration, these are 10 best titles on […]

Best Homeschool Supplies – 34 most useful items

Whether you have been homeschooling for years or have become an unexpected homeschooler due to school closures, you probably already know: Having the right homeschool supplies on hand is essential to a stress-free day. After years of homeschooling, running a preschool and running a homeschool supply company, I created a homeschool essential supplies list. The […]

FREE Math War Cards and Games

Math war games are definitely a family favorite. From matching activity for the youngest learners to multiplication activities for the oldest, these games are both fun and educational. But if you are bored playing with plain cards, we are here to help! Today, discover 4 awesome math war games and colorful, totally free cards to […]

Viruses and Germs – A Practical Lesson Plan for Elementary School Students

This fun, easy to put together experiment is designed to teach students ages 3 and up about washing hands, how germs spread and how they grow. It is also designed to teach older students about the scientific method and record keeping. Please note this post may contain some affiliate links. Lesson Materials 5 pieces of […]

Free Homeschooling Resources For Families Affected By School Closures

If you are affected by school closure due to the ongoing emergency, you might be wondering: What in the world am I going to do with my child for the next few weeks (or months.) To help with this dilemma, we put together this list of FREE resources for homeschooling. Some of these resources are […]

Homeschool vs. Public school: Pros and Cons

Have you ever asked: “what are the pros and cons of homeschool vs. public school?” Although there are many opinions online, not all of them are objective. Often, a homeschooler is going to focus on the advantages of homeschooling. And a public school parent will usually tell you to send your kids to public school! […]

Homeschool Desk: 10 Best Options

Are you in the market for a new homeschool desk? There are so many choices! You can find a desk of virtually any size, any material and any color. A new home school desk can be pricy, so it is important to buy one that works well for you. Today, let’s take a look at […]

Raising the Montessori Child – The Homeschooler’s Way

Many parents would love to raise a Montessori child. The reasons are endless. First, children raised the Montessori way tend to be independent, strong and empathetic. Second, many Montessori children are very successful. For example, the founders of Google – Sergey Brin and Larry Page – were Montessori children. So was Jeff Bezos, the founder […]