How To Prepare Your Brainy Box PDF Kit

Recommended tools to prepare your PDF kit. Please note, this page may have some affiliate links, click here to learn more.

1. Prepare Montessori 3-part cards

Montessori 3-part cards are an essential part of every Brainy Kit.  These cards are designed to help you introduce the lesson and to help your child practice the activity independently. 

Preparing 3-part cards is easy.  First, locate the PDF file with the word “cards” the name.  Open the file, and print out two copies on nice cardstock paper. This is a great quality cardstock paper and is super inexpensive. This is a great printer that is ideal for homeschool or preschool. Next, cut out the first set of cards as printed. They will look like this:

Brainy box montessori kit 3 part card
The first set of Montessori 3 part cards

Next, laminate the card. This is a great laminating machine and very reasonable laminating sheets. Alternatively, you can laminate the entire page after you print it out, and cut the cards after lamination. This is much easier but the cards will not last as long. Of course, you can choose not to laminate at all if you prefer.

Next, take the second set of cards you printed out and cut along the line that separates words from the image. Your second set will look like this:

Brainy Box Montessori kit 3 part card
The second set will be split into images and labels.

Now your student can engage in Montessori style sorting activities. Laminate the second set (both the images and the labels) if desired.

2. Prepare the Brainy Kit Manual

Its time to prepare your manual. Locate the PDF or word file with the name “Manual or Lesson Plans.” Print out the lesson plans (regular printing paper is ideal for this). Next, locate the PDF file with the name “cover”, and print out the cover on nice quality cardstock paper.

Lastly, consider how you’d like to organize the manual. In my homeschool, we prefer to have every manual bound and organized. I use these binding combs and this binding machine to keep everything nice and neat. Other alternatives include a 3-ring binder and page protectors. If you use the binding combs, then you can add cardstock page to the end of the booklet.

Brainy box manual PDF
This Brainy Kit manual is ready to go

3. Prepare the charts

Locate the PDF file or files with full-page charts, and print them out on nice quality card stock paper. Next, laminate if desired.

4. Prepare the labels

Print out labels on quality card stock paper. Laminate and cut out or cut out first and then laminate. The labels wear out really quickly, so it’s always best to laminate them if possible. Of course, the file is yours to keep so you can always print out the labels later again if you need to.

5. Prepare supplementary materials

Visit the page for the specific Brainy Kit for a list of supplementary materials. You can order the materials online, and you probably own many of them already.

6. Have fun teaching!

That’s it, get ready for a fun homeschool day!

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