Brainy Kit: Life Cycle Review

Brainy Kit:  Life Cycle Kit Review

Have you ever wished that a box would magically appear on your doorstep and make your life easier? I know I have! The Brainy Kit box does just that.

When our Brainy Kit arrived, my kids were anxious to tear into it and get started on the engaging activities.  They immediately rummaged through all of the goodies, exploring on their own, taking it all in, one fun project after the next. Lucky for me, the box was full of open-and-go Montessori-inspired fun.  What more could a homeschool mom ask for?

The kit contained 7 different educational ventures that helped us understand different life-cycles, from plants to sharks. From the brightly colored sticker pages to the perfectly sized manipulative materials, this kit was a huge hit with all of my kids, ranging in ages from 2 to 11.


The lesson plan was definitely my favorite part of the kit.  You literally open the book and go.  No running around gathering supplies.  No expensive trips to the craft store.  No hours of searching, just to find a fun activity your children will enjoy. Simply open the box, flip open the lesson plan and get started. Everything I needed was conveniently right there, in one single box!  As a busy mom, I don’t have time to sift through the millions of websites offering educational activities.  My time is precious and I prefer not to spend it in front of my computer, in search of the perfect activity.  The Brainy Kit is a simple and obvious alternative to piecing together my own lesson plans.

The Brainy Kit website states that each kit contains 7 hours of educational fun.  However, I beg to differ.  My children have already spent more than 7 hours, combing through the manipulatives, flipping through the book and piecing the puzzle together.  We will continue enjoying the materials for years to come, as we rotate our learning supplies into our classroom’s Montessori bins.

 The Brainy Kit activities are perfect for a wide range of kids.  The website states that it is geared towards children between the ages of  3 and 6.  We tested it out on my three children and there was at least one activity that each of them were immediately drawn to. I would agree that it would be perfect for the younger ages, but my 11 year old still dove right in, getting lost in the book about frogs.  In fact, I’ve even caught her rereading it .  My 7 year old loved the bean sprouting experiment that went along with the plant life cycle.  She also enjoyed using the stickers to complete the chicken life cycle page. My 2 year old loved the high quality insect manipulatives and  the wooden puzzle, as well as the sticker life cycle pages.  He has even chosen the “Tadpoles and Frogs” book as our bedtime story, 3 nights in a row!


If you’re wondering if this kit would be beneficial to you and your family, I would encourage you to count   the hours you spend on the Internet or at the library, searching for Montessori-inspired activities that are perfect for your little one.  Then add up the time and money it takes to run to the store to buy all the supplies.  I typically spend so much time planning our studies, that I am sick of hearing about our topic by the time I have enough material to actually begin teaching it.  The Brainy Kit solves my problem and leaves me more time for more important things.

One of the advantages to Brainy Kit is that I can sign up to automatically receive a new kit each month.  I love that I can simply register one time and expect our  box full of highly crafted materials, Montessori styled lesson plans and quality learning tools delivered straight to our doorstep each month.

With the Brainy Kit, I know that each box has been tested in a Montessori classroom, carefully pieced together by skilled teachers and educators and contains high-quality Montessori-inspired items that will last for years to come. This is perfect for families like my own, who long for a Montessori education but either can’t afford a Montessori education or live in an area where Montessori schools are uncommon.


 I have used 4 other subscription boxes and I can say that the Brainy Kit is the best value.  While others cost an average of $25 a month, they only come with 1 or 2 activities and cheaply made materials.  We usually complete everything in the box in one day.  That is not the case with Brainy Kit.  With the 7 engaging lesson plans, my kids have spent hours exploring and learning the contents of our Brainy Kit.  Although a Brainy Kit does cost a little bit more, at $49.95, this kit offers more than triple the educational activities than other monthly subscription boxes produce.  The materials are all Montessori-inspired and of high-quality materials, unlike other boxes.

In true Montessori-style, the box contains excellent lesson plans that can be completed with help or individually.  Whether they are putting the puzzle together, sorting the  life cycle cards or flipping through the book, my kids can sit quietly and explore on their own. The lesson plans are easy to follow, simple to understand and complete with alternative ideas to add to the lessons.

For the amount of time and research that goes into every knowledge packed box, the Brainy Kit is hard to beat.  I needed an “open-and-go” activity plan, with the benefits of a Montessori education, making the Brainy Kit the right choice for our family.

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