Montessori For Everyone: Involving the Whole Family

Why not implement Montessori for everyone?

Enjoying Montessori inspired activities with your whole family is a great way to spend time together while building a lasting connection with your loved ones. The Montessori method is all about learning by doing, natural learning and allowing each child to grow at their own pace. Although many think of Montessori as a “done in a classroom”, there is plenty of Montessori learning to be done in the real world too. Here are a few great ideas to help implement Montessori in your home.

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Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Together, create a list of things found in nature and then head outdoors.  The kiddos will love searching for a pine cone, bird feather or a rock with a hole in it.  Make it as easy or difficult as you’d like! The kids will get a laugh when they lift a rock and find a bed of squirming worms.  This is the perfect Montessori inspired activity for all ages.

Do an Experiment

Experiments are fun for everyone! Whether you do a simple baking soda and vinegar volcano or make oobleck (which is both a liquid and a solid), everyone in the family will love taking part in a hands-on experiment.  You don’t need a science lab or fancy tools and ingredients.  Here is a comprehensive list of experiments you can easily do with a preschooler.

Montessori for everyone - do an experiment

Build a Fort

Grab some blankets and furniture and work together to build your best fort. Fort building is the perfect Montessori activity for rainy days. Create a fort in your living room and enjoy “camping” out for the night.  Bring your favorite books and indulge in them under the brightness of a flashlight. Don’t forget to bring a fun dinner, like pizza, or a basket full of snacks.

Montessori for everyone - build a fort!

Enjoy a Day of Geocaching

Geocaching is a fun activity that is quickly gaining popularity for families who want to spend some time together, enjoying the great outdoors.  Geocaching is often compared to a real-life treasure hunt.  Kids and adults alike love the thrill of the hunt. Spend the day searching for all the hidden caches in your area while engaging in this fun Montessori activity the whole family will love.

Go Berry Picking

The whole family will enjoy a day of hard work while finding the ripest berries.  By pinching off the berries at the stem, little hands will strengthen their fine motor skills. Spend a few hours filling a gallon bucket with berries and afterward reward your efforts with a healthy snack.

Montessori for everyone includes little girl picking berries

Build a Bird Feeder

Using natural materials gathered from outdoors, create a fun and simple birdhouse, in true Montessori style.  A simple and quick bird feeder can be made by adding peanut butter to a pine cone. Coat the peanut butter in birdseed and simply hang in a tree for the birds to enjoy.

Building a bird feeder is a great activity to encourage learning.

Build Something Together

Whether you choose to build a bench or a doghouse, allowing little ones to assist in hands-on work is very educational.  They will learn many Montessori skills, including measuring, using a saw and nailing boards together.  Your finished project is sure to be treasured for years to come.

Make Your Own Bubbles

Kids and adults both love to play with bubbles! Add to the fun by making your own bubbles.  Simply mix 1 cup of liquid dish soap with 6 cups of water and stir gently, trying to avoid forming bubbles.  Next, add 1 tablespoon of glycerin and stir until all ingredients are mixed well. Homemade bubble recipes produce larger and stronger bubbles.  Hold a contest to see who can blow the largest bubble or produce the most bubbles from one dip into the bubble solution.

Wash Your Car

Grab a bucket, some rags, and a water hose and get to work! The whole family can work together to get the family car shining like new.  Let the smallest kids clean the tires and wheels, while mom and dad make sure the hard to reach places get cleaned.  Don’t forget to clean the headlights and windows!  After you’ve cleaned the entire car, take turns rinsing it off with the water hose. Once you are finished, surprise the kids with a family water fight.

Explore Montessori For Everyone – Cook Dinner Together

Choose a meal and work together as a family to prepare it.  Little ones can pitch in, helping with Montessori inspired skills such as chopping, shredding, whisking and pouring.  By allowing them independence, they will quickly grow confident in their skills.  Always be sure children are supervised when using knives or other sharp objects and when working near stoves or other hot surfaces.  Add to the fun by purchasing matching aprons for the whole family!

Cooking together is a family friendly activity that helps children learn.

Play with Magnets

Magnets are a fun way to explore and discover the science behind magnetism.  Try stacking magnets, moving them without touching them or discovering what is and is not attracted to magnets.  This is also the perfect time to explain the Earth’s magnetic field. Montessori education encourages learning through discovery and play.

Play a Board Game

Whether you choose a quick game of Connect Four or a classic board game like Monopoly, the entire family will have a blast while gathered around the kitchen or homeschool table. A favorite Montessori inspired game is Jenga.  Practice useful skills when you remove the wooden blocks from the tower while trying not to make it fall.  Family game nights are guaranteed to result in plenty of laughter.

Learning through exploration and play is all part of Montessori education.  Include the entire family in these activities and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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