4 – My Next Montessori Bundle: Ages 4.5 to 6

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Perfect Montessori bundle for pre-k to 1st grade group, this one picks up where my First Montessori Bundle leaves off.  This bundle focuses on the exploration of our planet, its many amazing features and the animals and the people who inhabit it.  Each kit includes age appropriate lessons. Manipulatives, arts and crafts, small motor skill items, vocabulary development, and so much more is included in each kit. Priority shipping and taxes are included in the bundle price, so you need to pay nothing extra. You will receive all 6 kits at once, and here is our suggested plan:

Month 1 – Bug Out
Month 2 – Planet Earth
Month 3 – North America
Month 4 – Africa
Month 5 – Frogs and Turtles
Month 6 – Asia

Bundles at this price are available for United States customers only.  International customers please email with your exact shipping address for a quote on a bundle.  If you have previously purchased any of these boxes from us, please include a note with your alternative choice.

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International Shipping is extra, please email for quote. If you have purchased any of these kits previously, they can be replaced with any other kit available through our website.  Please include a note with your order.  The note should state the name of the kit(s) you have purchased previously, and your replacement kit.


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