Bug Out PDF Kit: Ages 3 – 6

Learn all about the creepy and crawly world of bugs.  Do you know the difference between an insect and a spider? Have you ever encountered a real-life scorpion? Study the fascinating world and anatomy of bugs and arachnids.  Create an ant house made from special sand and explore the world right underneath your feet! This downloadable PDF file includes 3 part Montessori cards, charts, 7 lesson plans and more.

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Suggested price: $9.95

Suggested price: $9.95

Minimum price: $4.95

Product Description

Receive high quality materials that include everything you need to implement 7 hours of lesson plans and hours of extension activities.  Feed your child’s curiosity and allow their natural love of learning to blossom.  No preparation time for you – everything they need to learn is included in our complete kit, including a detailed instruction manual for you.  Have fun learning with your child, subscribe today.

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