Five Senses: Ages 3 to 6


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This kit is best for ages 3 to 6.  You and your student will explore the five senses in many different ways.  You’ll get to touch, feel, taste, listen and smell with a variety of objects included with this kit (allergy alert: please note this kit contains honey, if you prefer one without honey please let us know in the instructions when placing the order).  You’ll play an awesome senses lottery game (beloved by teachers and students).  In addition you’ll receive a book, 7 complete lesson plans, 5 charts and 30 cards.


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Receive high quality Montessori materials that include everything you need to implement 7 hours of lesson plans and hours of extension activities.  Feed your child’s curiosity and allow their natural love of learning to blossom.  No preparation time for you – everything they need to learn is included in our complete kit, including a detailed instruction manual.  Have fun learning with your students using Montessori methodology, subscribe today.

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