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Dear friends:

As the world around us has evolved, so has Brainy Box. I started with a simple idea: provide homeschool in a box. My customers would receive everything they needed to teach one month of homeschool science at home. This idea worked well for a while, but eventually, customers began to approach me: Do you have these materials in electronic form? I already own that tube, can I buy just the lesson plans?

And this gave me an idea.

What if instead of providing homeschool in a box we also began to offer PDF kits? These would include complete lesson plans lovingly written by a highly experienced teacher, cards, labels, and charts? If a customer wanted to buy materials, we would happily provide links. But perhaps the customer preferred instead to take a book out of their public library, or already had simular toys at home?

And so, PDF only Brainy Kits were born. We still offer traditional Brainy Boxes, and many customers still prefer buying everything in one box. No matter what you decide – we are here to help make your homeschooling or teaching journey easier.

Over the past few years, I got a chance to travel the world. It has been my privilege to bring homeschooling and educational supplies on my journeys. That little boy in the corner – is there anything better than a child fascinated with a book?

The original description for Brainy Box is below:

Dear friends :

Almost 3 years ago my team and I started this amazing journey we called Brainy Academy. Over the years we have had the privilege of helping to educate many children. We became friends with many of the parents and our staff became a family. Through it all, I have been contacted by many people across the city and the country asking when Brainy Academy will come to their neighborhood.

And this gave me an idea.

What if Brainy could come not just to your neighborhood, but to your home? What if you could receive what we do in the classroom in one neat little package: Montessori materials, lesson plans, laminated cards and crafts. What if?

Today we are proud to introduce Brainy Kit. Subscribers to Brainy Kit receive a monthly themed set of Montessori materials based on the units we cover in the classroom.

Children receive lesson plans (prepared by teachers and tested in our classrooms), and everything they need to teach to make learning fun.

Best of all, this is an affordable, high quality, and exciting supplementary education option for all our little learners.

As a mother and an educator, it is my goal to provide you with incredible value and hours of learning and entertainment.

We wanted to create a product that will allow you to work with your child, or if desired, to keep your child happily occupied for hours with no interference from you. After testing this kit with multiple students, we feel that we have created exactly such a product.

I am so happy that you are considering bringing Brainy into your home.

Viktoria Altman
Mother of two wonderful boys, ages 5 and 8
President of Brainy Kit and Brainy Academy

My boys and I.
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