About us

👋 Dear friends,

As the world around us has evolved, so has Brainy Box. I started with a simple idea: provide homeschool in a box. My customers would receive everything they needed to teach one month of homeschool science at home. This idea worked well for a while, but eventually, customers began to approach me: Do you have these materials in electronic form? I already own that tube, can I buy just the lesson plans?

💡 And this gave me an idea.

What if instead of providing homeschool in a box we also began to offer PDF kits? These would include complete lesson plans lovingly written by a highly experienced teacher, cards, labels, and charts? If a customer wanted to buy materials, we would happily provide links. But perhaps the customer preferred instead to take a book out of their public library, or already had simular toys at home?

🧾 And so, PDF only Brainy Kits were born. We still offer traditional Brainy Boxes, and many customers still prefer buying everything in one box. No matter what you decide – we are here to help make your homeschooling or teaching journey easier.

Over the past few years, I got a chance to travel the world. It has been my privilege to bring homeschooling and educational supplies on my journeys. That little boy in the corner – is there anything better than a child fascinated with a book?

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