Anatomy For Kids PDF Kit

Anatomy for kids printable PDF file includes Montessori Inspired materials for ages 6 and up.  Explore the world of human anatomy for kids with these colorful diagrams of the bone system, internal organs (including the digestive system), 3 part Montessori cards and 7 complete lesson plans.

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Not included in the Anatomy for kids file, but available online are the following items we use in the lesson plans:


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Anatomy for Kids – Lesson 1

The first lesson of the Anatomy for Kids free printable file, starts with an introduction to the bone system chart.  We begin by reading Your Body Book and studying the Human Bone Systems Chart.  We then review and discover sternum, ribs, vertebrae, sacrum, femur, tibia, fibula, patella, radius, ulna, pelvis, humerus, clavicle, mandible and cranium.

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Human Bone System Anatomy Diagram for Kids
The human bone systems chart introduces kids to the skeletal system.


Anatomy for Kids – Lesson 2

In lesson two, we continue to study the human body, this time working with the Internal Organs chart.  In this lesson homeschool and lower elementary-aged students discover:  lungs, diaphragm, liver, the reproductive and other organs.


Internal organs anatomy for kids chart
Kids use the internal organs to learn about: liver, lungs, small and large intestines, male and female reproductive systems and more.


Lesson 3 – Structure of an Eye for Kids

The human eye is a sophisticated organ that allows us to see the world in all its beauty.  In lesson 3, the kids will have a chance to learn about the unique features of the human eye.  We will utilize the kids anatomy eye chart to discover some of the most important features of an eye.


Human eye structure chart part of the anatomy for kids freebie printable
The human eye structure diagram for kids explores some of the features of the eye.


Lesson 4 – Review Human Bones With a Hands-On Anatomy Activity

In lesson four, students will finish reading “Your Body book” and participate in creating a sticker scene using the Organs Sticker Set.  This review is also a good way to encourage kids of different ages to work together, as might happen in a homeschool or a Montessori environment.



Lesson 5 – Introduction to DNA

In the fifth lesson, older kids will discover DNA, the structure inside our cells that makes every person unique.  Younger kids will also have a chance to participate with a craft activity involving constructing a DNA model from wiki sticks.



Anatomy For Kids, Lesson 6 – Assemble a Puzzle to Review the Internal Organs


In this hands-on anatomy for kids activity, students will put together a puzzle to help review the internal organs.  Older kids will focus on a sophisticated 3-d Anatomy model, while younger students focus on a “my body’ puzzle.


Lesson 7:  Using 3-Part Montessori Cards to Study Anatomy for Kids

For the last planned lesson of the Anatomy for Kids downloadable free PDF file, we will use 3 part Montessori cards to study organs and the human skeleton.  Additionally, the anatomy control charts and labels can be used for extension activities or additional review.

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Sternum, clavicle, skull and vertebrae - skeletal system kids Montessori 3 part cards
The kid’s printable anatomy file includes 35 Montessori 3 part cards.


heart, thyroid, diaphragm and lungs 3 part montessori cards
The freebie anatomy file includes Montessori 3-part organs charts covering all the major organs.


Other Charts Included in the Anatomy For Kids PDF Freebie Printable:

Human bones system Montessori control chartAnatomy for kids - human body organs diagram     Human eye structure anatomy for kids Montessori style control chart

The control chart for the diagram of the internal organs includes male and female anatomy features. The PDF file also includes 3 part Montessori cards.

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