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The life cycle printable PDF kit is the ultimate in life cycle exploration, for preschool, kindergarten and beyond.  From the life cycle of an ant to that of a shark, a frog, and a chicken, these FREE Montessori inspired materials will keep your little students fascinated and learning.  This printable includes charts and Montessori style 3-part cards, as well as 7 comprehensive lesson plans and extension activities.

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Not included in the Life Cycle file, but available online are the following items we use in the lesson plans:


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Lesson 1 – Explore the Life Cycle of an Ant, a Ladybug, a Plant, and More.

The first Montessori style lesson begins with the exploration of the life cycle of an ant.  During this lesson, students will discover 5 life cycles. Additionally, students will be introduced to new vocabulary words such as “larvae,” “pupae,” “hatchling” and more.

Before you start learning, check out “How To Prepare Your Montessori Kit.”

Lifecycle of a Lady Bug Printable Chart
Explore the life cycle of a ladybug in the first lesson of the life cycles Montessori free printable kit.


Life Cycle of a plant printable chart
Explore the life cycle of a plant, including flower to seeds, seedling, and cotyledon.


Life cycle of a shark free printable chart
Discover the life cycle of a shark, including eggs, ovoviviparity, a newborn shark and more.


The life cycle of a turtle
The turtle might be the cutest animal in the Life cycle kit. Students will enjoy learning about the turtle life cycle with this Montessori style chart.


The life cycle of an Ant
From adult queen to eggs and larvae, the ant life cycle is fascinating to both younger and older homeschool students.


Lesson 2 – The Lifecycle of a Ladybug

After an introduction to the lifecycles of five different organisms, its time to explore each creature in depth.  In lesson two of the life cycles kit, we will focus on the lifecycles of the Ladybug.  In addition to the chart we already explored in lesson 2, you will need the Life Cycle of a Ladybug Figurines as well as the Montessori 3-part cards.

Life cycles of a ladybug figurines


Lifecycles of a ladybug Montessori 3 part cards
All the life cycles charts in the kit are accompanied by Montessori 3 part cards.

Lesson 3 – The Life Cycle of a Plant

In the third lesson, young Montessori and homeschool students will have a chance to branch out to a practical life activity.  Students will germinate and plant beans using tools such as a pipette, paper towels, and cups.  This classic preschool science experiment will take a few weeks to germinate.  In the meanwhile, students will continue to discover the life cycle of a plant using the Montessori style chart and 3-part cards.

Young montessori student doing life cycle of plants science experiment
In a variation on the classic beans preschool science experiment, this student is planting seeds in eggshells.


Lesson 4 – The Life Cycle of a Shark

Although sharks are fish, they give birth to a live young.  This is just the first of the many fascinating things you will learn while discovering the lifecycles of a shark in lesson 4.  To continue the exploration of sharks even further, take a look at the All About Sharks Montessori style printable freebie.

Sharks lego creator kit
Older students might enjoy this Deep-sea Creatures construction kit to help supplement the lesson.


Lesson 5 – Explore the Life Cycles of a Butterfly, a Chick, a Plant, and a Frog

Using a collection of sticker sheets, students will next explore the life cycles of four living organisms:  butterfly, chicken, a frog, and a plant.  In addition to learning about the life cycles, students will have an opportunity to focus on small motor skills.  This craft activity will be a favorite with even the youngest learners.

Life cycles sticker sheets - butterfly, chicken, frog and plant.


Lesson 6 – The Life Cycle of An Ant

In lesson 6 of the Montessori kit, we will focus on the life cycle of an ant.  After reviewing the chart and the cards, the student will take out Ant Figurines and match them to the cards.  During the discussion, the student will also review the following vocabularly: Eggs, larvae, pupa, adult worker (female), male, adult queen (female).

Life Cycle of an Ant figurines


Lesson 7 – The Life Cycle of Frogs

During the last lesson, the student will focus on the life cycles of tadpoles and frogs.  First, we will read the book, Tadpole to Frog.  Next, we will work on assembling the Frog Montessori Puzzle and learn the body parts of a frog.  This extensive activity can be split in two, for a bonus lesson.

Frog Montessori Puzzle
Frog Montessori Puzzle

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