State Of Matter – Science Take Home Packet

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Explore the state of matter with this science take-home packet ideal for grades 3 to 6.  Discover the nature of solids, liquids, gas, and plasma.  Learn how you can convert matter.  Get an introduction to the tiny world of molecules and atoms, sort different kinds of matter and conduct fascinating scientific experiments.  This take-home packet and workbook are designed to keep your elementary school student entertained and learning independently.

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Lesson 1 – What is MATTER?

Matter is all around us. Matter is everything you see – and everything you do not see. Matter comes in many forms. The four most common forms of matter are solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. Matter can change state. For example, water can be liquid (drinking water), gas (vapor) and solid (ice).

Plasma is much rarer than gas, solid or liquid. If you wear special glasses and look up during a solar eclipse you can see the sun’s corona – it is made of plasma.

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