Homeschool Desk: 10 Best Options

Are you in the market for a new homeschool desk? There are so many choices! You can find a desk of virtually any size, any material and any color. A new home school desk can be pricy, so it is important to buy one that works well for you. Today, let’s take a look at the things you may consider when picking a new desk for your homeschool. Concurrently, will take a look at the 10 best homeschooling desks on the market today. Lastly, will look at the pros and cons – and hopefully make the decision a little easier. Let’s get started!

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Do your students work together?

The great thing about homeschool is that no two are alike. With this in mind, think about how your children like to work. Are they working on projects together? Or instead, do they work best alone? Do you need to accommodate many students or just a few? If your students work well together, consider a communal homeschool desk. A large, attractive wooden dining table can be ideal for this purpose. I particularly love an expandable table – this works great when the project of the day is big or messy. Set it up in the middle of the homeschool room for easy access.

Best Homeschool Desks: Option 1

  • Pros: Large, high quality, expandable, natural wood
  • Cons: Pricy, might be too big for some spaces

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Three children drawing at a large wooden homeschool desk in a sunny room.

On the other hand, if your children usually work separately, several small desks set against the wall might be just the ticket. For instance, this highly rated, inexpensive desk takes up only a little space. It will work well if you need to set up several in one room. To help students filter out the distractions, set it against a bare wall.

Best Homeschool Desks: Option 2

  • Pros: Minimalist, high quality, inexpensive
  • Cons: No storage space

How old are your children?

Another important thing to remember when selecting a desk for your homeschool is the age of your students. If they are preschool age, smaller desks will work better. Older children, on the other hand, are more comfortable at full-sized desks. Additionally, keep in mind that very young children are often more comfortable working on the floor. A strategically placed rug may be all they need.

Best homeschool desk: Option 3

  • Pros: Ideal for smaller students, inexpensive, natural, well made
  • Cons: Will need to be replaced as your student grows

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A little girl drawing cards at a small homeschool desk for her father.

If your children prefer to work alone or are easily distracted, a great option is a small individual desk. This “old school” option is both beautiful and practical.

Best homeschool desk: Option 4

  • Pros: Perfect for younger children, beautiful design, excellent quality
  • Cons: Will need to be replaced as your student grows

But what about a desk that can grow with your children? That’s an option too! You can raise this adjustable height desk to accommodate your students as they grow. Designed for busy preschools, this desk can stand up to a kicking – and keep on ticking.

Best homeschool desk: Option 5

  • Pros: Grows with your kids, accommodates many at once, can be disassembled, great reviews
  • Cons: Pricy, no storage

Are you on a budget?

I mean who isn’t these days! Although I must confess, I often find that less expensive product is not necessarily cheaper. This is especially true for things I buy for my children. While the price is important, often spending more for a better-reviewed item pays off. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. For instance, this well-reviewed homeschool desk offers plenty of storage and has an almost five-star rating. Plus I love the color choices – pink and blue. In addition at $60 to $80 its a bargain.

Best Homeschool Desk: Option 6

  • Pros: Amazing reviews, good size, good storage, variety of colors, great price
  • Cons: None

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An airy minimalist room decorated in black and yellow, small homeschool desk against the wall.

How much space do you have?

It’s easy to shop if you have plenty of space. However, what if your homeschool is small – or you have to share a room? Think about a floating desk option. This highly rated floating desk is both a bargain and flexible. You can install it lower for younger kids, and raise it as your students’ age. It even offers storage – so important in tight spaces. Of course, some installation is required. However, if space is limited, this is worth the effort.

Best Homeschool Desks: Option 7

  • Pros: Great reviews, perfect for tiny spaces, will grow with your child
  • Cons: Installation is required

Is flexibility important to you?

If you want a homeschool table that can do it all, you have options too. For instance, this neat little desk offers half a dozen features. You can adjust the table height, change its length, and angle the tabletop. Additionally, it’s easy to move this desk because it sits on wheels. If you are seeking a flexible table for your homeschool this is a great option.

Best Homeschool Desk: Option 8

  • Pros: Height, length, and angle are adjustable. Easy to move and great reviews
  • Cons: No storage space
A little girl writing at a homeschool desk.

Best Homeschool Desk: Option 9

Here is another adjustable option. This desk as well offers a variety of features. From adjustable height to a tilting desktop, it’s a homeschooler’s dream. You’ll even find a place to store supplies. On the other hand, the desk is a bit pricy. However, with great reviews, it is a solid investment.

  • Pros: Adjustable height and desktop angle. Great reviews.
  • Cons: A bit pricy, could use more reviews.

Do you ever homeschool outside?

When the weather is beautiful, do you ever move the “classroom” to the terrace or the backyard? If so, a table that can serve both indoors and outdoors is a great option. This Cosco homeschool table accommodates seven children and is ideal both for school and play. This set is ideal for a social homeschooler or for one who has many younger students.

Two young children reading outside in the summer.

Best Homeschool Desk: Option 10

  • Pros: Easy to clean, accommodates 7, indoor/outdoor, lightweight
  • Cons: maybe too lightweight for a long term everyday use.


Finding a great homeschool desk doesn’t need to be complicated. Firstly, determine your needs and your children’s preferences. Then, think about your space and budget. And at last, pick a desk that is flexible enough to serve its purpose for years to come. There are so many great options and with a bit of research, you are sure to find one that suits your homeschool!

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