Homeschool Rooms – Inspiring Decorating and Organizing Ideas

All great homeschool rooms have one thing in common: Beautiful and functional homeschool decor that inspires learning. Whatever method you are using to homeschool (Montessori, Charlotte Mason, Waldorf or your own method), chances are you already know the value of a beautiful classroom at home. But, like many of us, you might be struggling with creating an organized space. No matter if your style is minimalist or creative chaos, if your homeschool room is a tiny closet or a huge bright living room, I hope you will find new and inspiring ideas in this article. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy discovering a new idea or two to make your work and study areas even more beautiful and functional.

The Anchor Homeschool Rooms: The Homeschool Desk

First things first.

The desk or table in a homeschool room might be the most important decorating decision you will make in your homeschool rooms.

Of course, this comes down to your personal teaching style.

Do you want your children to work together? If so, a large, beautiful wood table placed in the middle of the room might be ideal. A table like this placed in the center of a homeschool room gives children of different ages the opportunity to work together. Solid, good quality wood will last many years and can be refinished again if it starts to look worn.

A large wooden desk is very functional in homeschool rooms.

Or perhaps, your students are young and will spend a lot of time on the floor? A small desk placed in a corner or next to a wall leaves lots of floor space. You will find many small table options in both wood and plastic. Plastic is harder to break, but wood gives the room a classic and warm feel. If you are handy, consider an unfinished wood desk and stain it yourself to match picture frames that will hold your children’s artwork.

A small wooden table proped against the wall works in homeschool rooms too.

Do you have a tiny room to work in? Then a great little floating desk installed on a wall might be best. Or perhaps, your students are young and will spend a lot of time on the floor? Then, a flexible and inexpensive small table might be just the ticket.

In case of tiny homeschool rooms, a tiny table attached to a wall works well

For lots more advice on picking the ideal homeschool desk for you, check out this article.

The Homeschool Rooms Reading Nook

Once you have your homeschool table sorted, its time to make the next decision. Should you have a reading nook? Perhaps the most inspiring place in any homeschool room, a reading nook is not strictly necessary. After all, your students can easily use the table or any random space to read. But if you do have space, a beautiful reading nook is lovely and worth considering. Setting up a reading nook is a joy in itself if you love books.

An ideal reading nook space offers plenty of natural light without being too bright. So, if you have a northern or southern exposure window, and a little construction know-how, this might be a great solution. Add a few comfy pillows and a soft blanket, and your homeschool room reading nook is all set.

A reading nook in a homeschool room

Of course, an armchair and a bookshelf is a classic reading nook solution. Although a new, comfy armchair is awesome, but can also easily transform an old chair with $30 armchair slipcovers. Add a comfy throw blanket and voila – frugal homeschool decore solutions win the day.

A light armchair in sunny homeschool rooms
A brightly colored armchair slipcover lightens up a homeschool room while still being practical with very young children.

And finally, if you are looking for kindergarten homeschool decore, how about a bean bag reading nook? Easy to move and comfy, a bean bag is a favorite for all ages. You can easily add one for every child and stack them out of sight during other activities. Some kids might even enjoy napping in a bean bag. This is a very flexible solution to consider for any homeschool rooms. Pair up the bean bags with low bookshelves like these.

Child playing on bean bags in a reading nook of homeschool rooms.

For a preschool reading nook, a free-standing shelf like this book unit is also a great coice.

A small standing bookshelf, a great addition to a homeschool room

Framing the Walls of Your Homeschool Room

Are you looking to design a minimalist homeschool room? Or do you prefer to use your walls to display materials and charts? The way you choose to decorate the walls of your homeschool has a lot to do with your personal style.

If you would prefer a minimalist homeschool, then consider picking a plain white or off white color for the walls. Next, add a few carefully selected accents, such as a corkboard to display a rotating collection of the artwork.

A sunny room for homeschooling or a playroom.

If on the other hand, you would prefer a more traditional homeschool room, you may wish to start with a bright, colorful wall. Next, you could pick out some age-appropriate display charts, calendars, and other wall accents.

A traditional montessori classroom with montessori materials
This traditional Montessori classroom displays posters, charts and artwork on brightly colored walls.

A pocket chart is a great addition to a homeschool room for preschool, kindergarten and lower elementary students.

This super minimalist preschool room is designed to hide away all the objects in specially constructed wooden cabinets along the wall. Even if the bare walls are not your cup of tea, the shelving units are inspiring homeschool decore.

A modern and bright preschool or homeschool room

A chalk wall makes for a great accent in this room. Not only is a chalk wall beautiful its also practical, as you can use it to teach. You can create a chalk wall in any room using chalk paint.

A modern child's room with inspiring homeschool rooms decore

Open shelves displaying artwork can also be a great solution since they are both storage and decore.

A traditional classroom or homeschool room with open shelves and artwork.

Plants and Accents In Your Homeschool Rooms

Whether you prefer a traditional or a modern homeschool room, plants may be a great addition. Greenery keeps the air fresh and younger students really enjoy helping to maintain plants.

This preschool or kindergarten homeschool room is totally wild. Hammocks are a fun way to add character and indoor physical play.

Fun and colorful jungle themed homeschool rooms

Of course, older kids’ classrooms also benefit from being decorated with plants. They may even develop an interest in botany as they help take care of plants and introduce new ones.

Bright and airy older student's homeschool rooms.

If you have plant allergies or just a brown thumb, a high-quality air cleaner is another great way to keep your homeschool room air clean in all four seasons.

An air cleaner is a great way to keep air clean in homeschool rooms

An Art Corner In Your Homeschool

Just like a reading nook is optional, so is an art corner. But, if you have space, an art corner can be an amazing and inspiring addition to your homeschool room.

Ideally, an art corner should be set up next to great natural light. This inspiring art corner gets plenty of natural morning light with eastern exposure.

A bright art corner in a classroom, homeschool room or home.

Setting up multiple art easels is a great way to give your students a chance to work together creating great art and projects.

Art easels around a column in a bright room with large art windows, homeschool decore.

This cute set up combines an art corner with a reading nook. The refinished vegetable boxes are a great accent that both look beautiful and help keep the space organized. Plus they are free!

Inspiring homeschool decore for a preschool or a young child's room.

If your kids aren’t ready for a full-sized easel just yet, this Melissa and Doug version is a great substitute.

A child sized easel is an ideal addition to a homeschool room

Homeschool Rooms Organization Tips and Tricks

Organization is very important in homeschool rooms. After all, it’s hard to stay on track and learning if the place is messy. Here are a few helpful tips and tricks that work for many homeschoolers:

Art materials can easily get out of control in almost any homeschool (preschool space.). Consider organizing art materials in colorful buckets. Bonus – you can use the same buckets to hold planters, craft supplies and so much more.

Colored pencils in buckets, a great organization idea for homeschol decore

A built-in desk with shelving unit provides lots of storage space in a small area. This one can be combined with a built-in reading nook and is ideal for a city homeschooler.

A small table build into shelving units is ideal for a city dwelling homeschooler

This rolling cart is a great way to organize both art supplies and teaching materials.

A classic preschool organizer rolling cart

If you have a lot of people using electronics in one room, this is a great solution to organize and charge all materials. It can be used to organize laptops, mobile devices and phones all at the same time.

An organizer for electronic items such as laptops and phones

Homeschool Rooms Decore

Keeping your homeschool room beautiful might take a bit of creativity and elbow grease but it is totally worth the effort. Whether you decide to just organize a little, or do an entire redecorating project, I hope you have found some of these ideas useful. For even more helpful ideas, don’t forget to check out Best Homeschool Supplies of 2020 list.

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